National Champion Tarkom's Mythic Moon Goddess, CGC

CH Pointed Liberty's Broad Ridge, TDI x Tarkom's Hope Diamond



Date of Birth: December 15, 2006

OFA Hips Excellent

OFA Elbows Normal

CERF Clear


EIC Clear

Narcolepsy Clear






Pictures taken June 9, 2009 




Ms. Luna comes to us, thanks to her breeder Karlene Turkington of Tarkom's Labradors. Luna received her National Championship on June 10, 2007. (after a 2 day fierce and nail biting competition with many other Labradors) We will be going back in the ring in the spring to achieve her International Championship.


She is from great show lines, her sire being a handsome AKC show pointed Champion Brody and her lovely dam who is also AKC show pointed, Ms. Dazzle. Luna is one that has stolen my heart...a typical chocolate...her whole body wags when I call her and she runs up and plops in my lap and gives my the biggest kisses..she is a very loving and most of all smart baby, we want to thank Karlene for allowing her to place her head on our pillow for now and FOREVER!!!




About Luna's Name:


Luna is named after the Roman Goddess of the moon, being that Luna is a deep dark chocolate girl, we feel that is was most appropriate to name her that..


According to Roman mythology "The Roman goddess Luna is the feminine personification of the moon. Her great power over the cycles of life, including birth and death, as well as her influence over the tides of the ocean are celebrated still today...  Equated with the Greek Selene and, to some extent, Hekate. Her principal sanctuary was a temple on the Aventine Hill in Rome. Her festival was on March 31.

She regulates the seasons and the months, and is associated with the first day of the waning moon.



06/2007 Luna won her National Title in Orlando, FL

                           Luna at her 1st show!



Here is what they had to say about her on 06/10/2007!!!

Judgement//                                        Nice, active and balanced female

Overall Impression//                           Good attitude/Showy

Coat//                                                    Very

Head//                                                  Good Shape/Feminine

Bite, mouth//                                      Proper Dentition

Eyes//                                                 Very good pigmentation

Ears//                                                  Well Set

Chest//                                               Good Development

Front Angulation//                            Sound Assembly   

Back Angulation//                            Well Muscled

Top Line//                                         Good & Firm

Tail//                                                  Nice Set

Movement//                                     Good motion


Luna after playing in the pool (she is such a joy to be around)!