Retired/Living with Others



             Ashes (Black)   (Retired 2012, lives in Orlando, FL)




        Copper (Chocolate)  (Retired 2011, lives in Virginia



       Cronus (Chocolate)  (Retired 2014, lives in St Augustine)



      Daisy (Yellow)   (Retired 2015, lives in Orlando)             



    Emma (Black)(Retired 2009, lives in Key West, FL)



 Karma (Black)  (Retired 2015, lives in Orlando)





      Libby (Chocolate) (Retired lives in Ohio)





          Luna (Chocolate)  (Retired 2014, lives in Lake Worth, FL)



        Lucy (Yellow)  (Retired 2010, lives in Tampa, FL)


     Rhea (Chocolate) (Retired 2009, lives in Clearwater,FL)



      Rose (Black)   (Sadly we lost Rose in September 2017)



   Splash (Yellow)  (Retired 2013, lives on the west coast of FL)


   Sun (Yellow)    (Retired 2015, lives on the east coast of FL)


    Uno (Black), CGC (Lives with the Beckers in Homosassa, FL)