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Be patient as this page may take bit to load as we have lots of great baby pictures and just have to "showcase" our gorgeous 4 legged children.


**NOTE** Below are pictures and updates/emails etc of our extended family. We love to hear from our families and love the updates that we receive. To our family: Feel free to send all the pictures and emails as often as possible, including any questions/concerns and compliments. To our prospective families: Feel free to ask all the questions you desire about our labs and/or family as we want to make sure you not only feel comfortable with owning one of our labs, but we also need to make sure that you fit into our family.




Pictures received 07/07/2011 of "Hootie" from the Splash X Salty litter (09/2010)













Picture received from the  Sun X Bear (01/2011) "Quigley"







Picture received 03/2011 "Abby" & "Gibbs (Abby on left from Luna X Cronus)

(Gibbs on right from Lucy X Cronus litter)










Picture and email received 03/11/2011 "Shaka" (Lucy X Doc litter 03/2009)



I will attach a photo of Shaka (our pup), so that you can see how he looks now (he turned 3 on 3/2/11, and we celebrated with cake  - and a peanut-butter coated dog-biscuit for our young man.  He is an absolute joy to us all, but especially to Emma, our 8 year-old daughter.  He truly is all that you could wish for: he is her soulmate.   I remember your recommendations regarding a good match for a child (she was only 5 when we brought Shaka home), and I can't describe just how wonderfully Shaka has developed.  Always sweet-tempered and generous.  Always loving and gentle..... no matter what!
Look forward to hearing from you...............   Jess



Picture and email received 11/29/2010 "Huney" (Splash X Salty litter 09/2010)


Huney had her visit with our vet. She did well. Wt: 16# 15 oz. Already sits to command, loves her crate and has learned to climb up the stairs. Our vet was very impressed with you and the length of care you go through for the puppies and said that you go through a lot to produce a very high quality pet!. Thanks











Pictures and email received 11/5/2010 "Beau" (Splash X Doc litter 06/2009)


Hi, Laura -- I hope you and Gary are well and fine. You must be worn out what with all of the puppies lately.
I thought you might like to see a couple of pics of Beau in his sixteenth month. I took them today. We go to the beach together almost every day and he sure does attract a lot of compliments. He is not only very handsome, he is equally as smart and friendly. When we're not on the beach he is at my feet all day and sleeps snuggled up against me all night. Simply, the perfect lab and friend. . A very special guy!






Pictures received 10/31/2010 "Gibbs" Black Boy (Lucy X Cronus litter 05/10) & "Abby" Chocolate Girl (Luna X Cronus litter 08/09)







Pictures received 03/25/2010 "Beau" (Splash X Doc litter 06/2009)








Email and pic received 2/12/2010 "Reilly" (Luna X Cronus litter 08/2009) Email that brought tears to my eyes!!!!!



He is my other eyes that can see above the clouds; my other ears that hear above the winds. He is the part of me that can reach out into the sea. He has told me a thousand times over and over, that I am his reason for being; by the way he rests against my leg; by the way he thumps his tail at my smallest smile; by the way he whimpers at the door when I leave without taking him. (I think it makes him sick with worry when he is not along to care for me.) When I am wrong, he is delighted to forgive. When I am angry, he clowns to make me smile. When I am happy, he is joy unbounded. When I am a fool, he ignores it. When I succeed, he brags. Without him, I am only another man. With him, I am all-powerful.
He is loyalty itself. He has taught me the meaning of devotion. With him, I know a secret comfort and a private peace, and just what true love is.
He has brought me understanding where before I was ignorant. His head on my knee can heal my human hurts. His presence by my side is protection against my fears of dark and unknown things. He has promised to wait for me... whenever... wherever - in case I need him. And I know I always will , until I am no more- This is the puppy my Piper picked, to carry on in her absence, this is My Chocolate Lab, my Reilly! and I love him so!




Pictures received 12/20/2009 "Beau" (Splash X Doc litter 06/2009)









Pictures received 12/20/2009 "Alex" (Emma X Cronus litter 03/2009)







Pictures received 12/09/2009 & email from 12/07/2009 "Abby" (Luna X Cronus litter 08/14/2009)




Hi Laura And Gary,
Just thought you would like an update and some new pictures. Abby will be 4 months next week.
Abby is such a loving and smart dog. She can remember what homes on her walk around the neighbor where she stopped to get some lovin from a friend.

She follows me from room to room, but when my grandson is napping she sleeps by his door.
Abby is a wonderful new member to our family.
Thank you.
With Love, Joni









Pictures received 11/02/2009 "Abby" (Luna X Cronus litter 08/14/2009)








Email & pictures received 10/25/2009  "Grady" (from the Splash  X Riley litter 08/2008)





Hi Laura and Gary,

I hope all is well with your family. We wanted to update you on Grady (Splash x Riley 8/08). He is the most wonderful dog; he has the most loving personality. Everyone that meets him falls in love with him. He and his "sister" Tess are best friends. Grady loves to swim with Tess and fetch his little Frisbee. He has been a perfect fit from day one!

Thank you so much,
The Bensons







Pictures received 10/17/09  "Reilly" (Luna X Cronus litter 08/14/2009) & "Uno"  Black (from the Lucy X Riley litter 03/2008)





 Reilly 9 weeks of age

Meet "red Collar" at least that was his name for 6 weeks prior to my definite decision. My eye was attracted to his distinctive head. One of two males born August 14th 2009 as a result of the mating of Luna and Cronus at Mythic Labs over in Malabar Florida, premier breeder of outstanding quality Labrador Retrievers. I admit to being smitten with this breeder. I have met both Laura and Gary Altizer through not one, but two previous purchases.
 As of this writing we own a fav pick of Laura's, UNO 14+ months old, and Caesar 8 months. Both outstanding Black labs. Caesar also is a product of Daddy Cronus and a mating with Emma, so he is red collars half brother. Red Collar by the way is my little boy, now named Reilly. Stunning English head, huge feet, beautiful milk chocolate Hershey's kiss colored nose. Super smart, he will be a abject joy to train.
 Uno was throughly trained by Mamma Laura, prior to her arrival to my home. She arrived in our home after Caesar.
Caesar has been trained by My Daughter through  classes at with Mary at Still Water Dog Training in Brooksville. He has graduated early from basic and is working his way through Intermediate skill class, he has beautiful structure, a perfect head, gorgeous muscle tone, a shiny coat and beautiful curly back.
 Shortly after obtaining Caesar, I enquired about a mating of Luna, a beautiful massive Chocolate Chip Female  and Cronus. I was willing to wait, and wait I did. I can't tell you how happy I was when I received word the mating was in the winds. I followed just about every heartbeat, as well as every day since his birth via the web cam at Mythic Labs. In the 6 weeks before I decided which boy, I knew it was Red collar. in fact when choosing day came I chose not to go, and go with my hearts pick, Red Collar, now Reilly. Blue Collar went to L. Milne, who has since become our dear friend. "Blue Collar" is now named OPUS.
 "We are all family", a favorite saying of Laura Altizer, and I am living proof of it. I keep in touch with most of his litter mates families, and Laura and Gary Altizer have become fast friends.
I cannot recommend this breeder highly enough. She is warm and friendly, runs a tight ship, and her pups are her life. In the years to come, Ms Laura will rise to the cream of the crop of Premier  Breeders of Labrador Retrievers in this country. I am honored to be in on the ground floor.
Who knew this could start in a little town called Malabar, close to the Atlantic Coast right here in Florida, a dream of a wonderful lady, whose goal is to raise the best Labs in existence, she's on her way!

D. Becker Sr
Homosassa, Fl, 34446

Phone number & email available on request






Pictures received 10/09/09 & 11/02/2009  "Opus" (from Luna X Cronus litter 08/14/2009)

Why we love our labs and why we stay up at all hours of the night to ensure our babies/families are GREAT!! No words can describe this picture!!

We are so happy that you are in our life Momma L!!


                 Picture received 10/09/2009                                                Picture received 11/02/2009





Pictures received in August and 09/08/2009  "Alex" (from the Emma X Cronus litter 03/2009)














Email & pictures received 08/06/2009  "Kona" (from the Emma X Chili litter 09/2007)


Dear Laura, 

I hope you and your family are doing well. I'm writing you again to thank you for such a wonderful dog. Kona is just the best dog. He's sweet, patient, a quite a character.

Kona is also really laid back, which is probably why he's a little chubby. It's our fault really. Since we moved into our new house, Kona's losing weight now that he has

room to run more. People compliment us often on our good looking and sweet Kona is. We've talked about getting another puppy, but we'll see.

We'll definitely be coming back to you guys though. Anyway, I just wanted to say hello and say thank you. 




Email & pictures received 08/06/2009  "Maui" (from the Rhea X Cronus litter 03/09)


Hi Laura and Gary!
I hope you are all doing well. I am sorry for the delay in writing. We have been pretty busy around here. I just had to give you an update on Maui...He now weighs in at 52.5 lbs!

He is so sweet, very easy going and listens well.  My kids are harping on me to get a yellow pup now.  You know, they want all three colors! I need a bigger house!!! The new pups are sooo cute!






                                                   Email received & pictures received 06/30/2009  "Jackson" (from the Lucy X Doc 03/09 litter)





Here are 3 pics of Jackson.  He is around 36-38lbs  and is very stout.  His color is getting so dark, some people thinks he is a Golden Retriever.  Had to get a larger collar because his neck is getting so large.

He is a very calm dog. Does not chew on nothing, except his toys. He is house trained and listens very well.  He is not a big ball chaser, but loves to ride in the car,stare at birds, and chase lizzards then eats them {urrr}.  He also helps vaccuming the house because every spec, crumb,dirt that is brought in, he eats it off the floor. ha ha

Will send more pics in a couple months, Thanks,






Email received & pictures received 06/30/2009 ("Bear" from the Lucy X Doc 03/09 litter) He is only 3 months old in this pic.







Thank you so so much, he just loves his new home, we bought the kiddie pool and he lives splashing in it he is about 30 pounds now!








Email received 06/09/2009 (this is our puppy from the Rhea X Cronus 03/09 litter, we donated him to a service organization)





Hi Laura,
Gator sure has grown and we wanted to share a couple of photo's with you! He is doing well and as you can see, growing into a fine looking guy! We'll keep you up-dated on his training.








Email  received 06/09/2009 regarding "Sam"  (Rhea X Cronus Litter 03/2009) (I need a picture of him, only have videos!!)


Hey Guys!

I've been meaning to write you, but we've been having to much fun and time is flying by! ... Sam is getting so big! When we took him to the vet 2 weeks ago, he was 21 and a half pounds! The vet wants to give him another shot so we go back next monday, and i bet he's gained a bunch!!

We added another video to YouTube, him at the beach, if you haven't seen it you can go to it at (Waiting on permission to post link from owner) He is definitely a water dog!!!! He ventured into the pond about a week after he got home, and he's been swimming non stop since. We've been taking him to the islands. He loves the boat and is in the water as soon as we stop. He's even starting to dive under for things!! He's absolutely amazing! And he is so good!!!!!! I've never seen a dog so young listen so well. He knows so many tricks on top of the ones you've seen in the video. He will play dead, sit and stay -- you can even walk into another room and close the door and then walk back out and he's still sitting waiting for you to tell him good boy! He loves fetch, and is doing very well with potty training. Also, he has not chewed up ONE thing that he wasn't suppose to -- he might have gotten a few shoes if we weren't on top  of him ;-) !!!  I can't say enough great things about him! He's absolutely PERFECT! Our neighbors found out we were getting a chocolate lab, so they ran out and bought one at a pet store before we picked him up -- and he is like a total different breed. You guys really made a great dog. I'll keep you updated and get some more videos up.

Hope all is well,

Jessi (AKA JessiBob) sorry guys I had to add that part






Email  and pic received 06/05/2009 regarding "Bear"  (Rhea X Cronus Litter 03/2009)




Hi Laura, attached is a picture of Bear that was taken last weekend. I wanted to share it you because he looks sooooo gorgeous, just like his daddy. He is going to be big too.  He weighed 20.5lbs at the vet on Saturday. He is one solid, good-looking boy and we are so happy with him.
Hope all is well with you and your family. We will continue to provide updates.
All the best,




Email & pics  received 06/01/2009 regarding "Sally"  (Lucy X Doc Litter 03/2009)





Sally is doing great!  Tule (11 yo) is mothering her and putting up with being chewed on, etc.  Lulu is starting to play with Sally.  Since Lulu was
princess, her tiara got a little tarnished and it's taking her a little longer to do more than tolerate Sally.  Funny, Sally does to Lulu exactly
what Lulu did to Pete (our old dog who passed a couple years ago).  Payback is....

Thought you might want to bookmark this link for her pics.  I'll post new ones as she grows and develops.
She loved her first day a daycare last week and had her first puppy class on  recalls last Saturday.  She lasted about half an hour.  She
met lots of people, though.  Don't know how you socialized this litter, but she's very outgoing and seems to love people and dogs.  In fact, one person
from day care wanted to know your kennel info for when she wants another puppy.

That's all for now, take care.


Email  received 05/31/2009 regarding "Caesar"  (Emma X Cronus Litter 03/2009)  Pictures from 06/19/2009 Caesar (the lab baby) and Moxie (the Golden baby)


He is such a sweet boy.  He and moxie love to play.  He goes on walks around the yard since he can't go out into the dark cruel world yet.. :0)  He got a bath last night 
while his bedding and toys were washed.  He has grown so much since I brought him home and he is so smart.  I love him to pieces. 

Hol and Caesar 

Pics and email received 05/30/2009 of "Sunny" (Lucy X Doc Litter 03/09)
Hi  Laura and Gary

Here are some pics of sunny in her new home. She is doing great. I have already taught her how to sit and she comes when you call her name. 
Thanks so much.


Email  received 05/28/2009 regarding "Bear"  (Lucy X Doc Litter 03/2009)


Laura & Gary,
I just wanted to let you guys know Bear is doing very well. I am very surprised at how smart he is. By the second and third day with us he already

knew which closet his food is kept in and he stands by the door so we can take him out to go potty.




Email  and pics received 05/14/2009 regarding "Duke"  (Emma X Cronus Litter 03/2009)



Hope this email finds you well.  I FINALLY found the proper cord to transfer pics to my mac from my camera.  Duke is doing great. 

He is such a wonderful wonderful dog.  A real great addition to our family.

Here are some pics of him in his new home.



Email  and pics received 05/12/2009 regarding "Maui"  (Rhea X Cronus Litter 03/2009)



Hi Laura and Gary!
Everything is going great at the Worth household. I hope the Altizer household is the same!
Well, I thought I would send pictures of all my kids...But these two legged kids win the trophy for cuteness!!! They play and they sleep, they play and they sleep....
I'll send other pics soon.
Warm Regards





Email  & pics received 05/12/2009 regarding "Emmie"  (Emma X Cronus Litter 03/2009)





Hi Laura and Gary,

Just wanted to give you an update on Emmie...



She is such a delight!  We are having so much fun with her and there's really no way of saying it better than she just makes us happy.  I really don't think we could have gotten a better fit for our family...she has hit it off big time with her four legged brother, Cash, as well as both 2 legged brothers, Owen and Eli.  She absolutely loved her first big adventure in the outdoors when we took her to a waterfall in the north Georgia mountains...it was very apparent that she is going to love hiking with us when she's older and will certainly have no problem finding every body of water, no matter how small (lake, stream, or puddle!), in which to waddle like a hippo!!  No question she's a lab!  And I'm pleased to say that she's doing the breed proud in her training, as well.  She has been home with us now for 10 days and tomorrow she will be 10 wks old and is impressing everyone that meets her with her amazing manners.  She already knows...to ring a bell to let us know she needs to go outside to potty, sit, down, stay, roll-over, come, heel, and she sits and waits to be released before eating and before going through doorways, and she not only crate trained in 2 nights, but actually loves her crate!  And, wow, is she proud that she can do these things!!!!  She's just a total sweetheart, so eager to please and an absolute pleasure to train!!   Typical of a lab she is incredibly mouthy and we're constantly redirecting her away from the walls, floors, cabinets, leashes, chair legs, children's legs, fingers, ears, etc. to her many chew toys and bones (which she also loves) !  :-)  This will take time, but in the mean time we have removed all lamps and other items with electrical cords from her reach (something I highly recommend to all of your new owners, as many people are unaware of the risk of death by chewing these).  Right now she's sleeping at my feet and twitching up a storm...probably dreaming of chasing butterflies (like she did at the lake on Sunday...very cute...wish I had my video camera).  She still likes to sleep in the funniest positions...usually with her head in or on the water bowl like the pictures I've attached.  What a lovey!!!

Thanks again for doing all you did to give her such a great start in life with exceptional genetics,  great nutrition, care and most importantly love!







                                                             Tory (Splash X Riley Litter 08/2008)

                                                         Letter and Picture received 02/25/2009










                                                       Rocket  (Splash X Riley Litter 08/2008)




Hi Laura –


Rocket tipped the scales at 50 lbs this morning at the vets office when I dropped him off to get neutered.   He has been a great addition to the family and the good news is that he is either a really good actor or he really likes us too!  Anyhow, attached is the neuter receipt…I think our contract required this.  Let me know if you need anything else.

Another email on 10/08/2008

My boys and wife absolutely love Rocket….he has settled right into the family!  He did awesome in the crate last night…hardly a peep at all.  Thank you so much for an awesome puppy and I’ll keep you posted on his progress.










                                                        Josie Girl  (Rhea X Riley Litter 08/2008)


Hello Laura.


Just wanted to give you an update on Josiegirl.  She is doing wonderful!  She is retrieving like a champ and has tremendous speed.  We are enjoying her so much.  I call her my pretty little princess.  At this time, she no longer sleeps in a kennel at night.  She is either in our bed or on a comfy pillow at night.  Right now she is sprawled out on the couch snoring.  She is quite independent and does not require much petting and does not care to be held.  Her favorite time of day is meal time, which is at 5:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., and she will let you know if you are late.  Josie is getting used to being in the water and loves to hang out in the garage.  She has a great nose and is very calm for a puppy, and what a gorgeous looking dog! 


Anyway, here are some pictures of our little girl.  Take care and talk to you soon.










                                                                               Tory (Splash X Riley Litter 08/2008)

                                                                                       Picture taken on 12/19/2008







                                              Jaxson (Who X Riley Litter 02/2008) (a Christmas card we received 12/2008)









                                                                                 Bosco (Rhea X Riley Litter 08/2008)


         He's really bonded with our younger black female shooter, playing together most of the time.  Our older female Bailey puts up with him jumping all over her face. 

He's almost house broken, we've hung some bells and he's starting to use them.  I say almost because on a few occasions he's been so busy playing the the bathtub is closer

than outside.  Yes, he'll pee in the bath tub if we don't get him out quick enough.   We've only left the dogs alone twice for a few hours but he's done well in his playpen,

otherwise our friend Ron has been here every day we're at work.










                                                                                Pictures sent 12/07/2008


                                                                                      Hank (Splash X Riley Litter 08/2008)



Dear Laura and Gary,
We wanted you to know how much we LOVE Hank!!! He brings so much joy to our home and is a perfect fit in our family. We feel so fortunate to have him and

wanted to thank you for the opportunity to allow us to adopt him. He has completely adapted to his new home and follows his new big brother, Jet everywhere. 

They get along so well and love to cuddle and play. As of today, he is 16 pounds and has a healthy appetite! He's doing great!










                                                                       Sky (Splash X Riley Litter 08/2008)







                                                                         Couper (Splash X Riley Litter 08/2008)







(Why you need a lab, a companion for your child, the

kids tend to get BORED in their "CRATES"                                                                      LOOK AT THIS GORGEOUS BABY!!!

Sorry Dawn, I had to put this one up here.....)



                           Couper (Splash X Riley Litter 08/2008) Updated pics 11/15/2008




                                                      Tahoe (Theenie X Zeus Litter 02/2006) Doing what labs love to do...


Hi Laura,

Congrats on twins!  Your house must have been crazy for the last two months.  How does a full night of sleep sound?  The babies are beautiful.  Hope they get fitting homes

for how wonderful they are.  Cute!  Tahoe is doing great.  2 1/2 years old.  Such a great boy.  Loves his little pet Chi that he drags around the house all day.  He holds one

end of a toy and she grabs the other and he runs at full speed.  She catches air - very funny.  They play constantly. 

Here is picture of a little cuddle time. 
Hope you are well - and congrats again!














                                                              Maribelle (Black Girl from our Who X Riley Litter 02/08)


Below is an email from Mary Fertig, (we donated a gorgeous girl from our Who X Riley litter to K9Partners for Life) (This is a picture of her with her "puppy raisers")



Hi Laura,  Selene (Maribelle) passed her evaluation with flying colors.  She is a great puppy.  Everyone was surprised at her size. And how very well adjusted she is.  I can’t thank you enough.

Maribell is doing great.  Nice personality, calm and smart.  She was here at class yesterday.  Again, thanks!  Mary  












                                                     Jaxson (Black Boy from our Who X Riley Litter 02/08)



Just wanted to send a little update on Jaxson and a few pictures from the last month. He is doing wonderful!!!  He is a great dog and very affectionate.  

He loves to play with our Beagle, Sunni, loves to run up and down the stairs and now LOVES the pool.  We could not get him out of the pool this afternoon.

 He loves to play endless games of fetch in the water with his pool toys.  He is growing bigger and bigger every day, too.  We hope all his brothers and sisters

are doing well.  Take care and hope you are having a great Mother's Day.

Cameron, Kristi, Ally....Sunni and Jaxson








                                                                               Kodi (Chocolate Boy from our Who X Riley Litter 02/08)


             An Email from Kodi's Family:


He is doing great. he is having a ball.  lol it doesn't matter to him if he is outside playing or inside playing.  lol he played so much yesterday he slept well last night

..running around in the back yard, rolling around with his toys...he is doing really well and so far no accidents....lol and last night before we came in to go to bed,

I sat down outside and he crawled up in my lap and laid down.  It was the cutest thing...lol I think last night we both slept well with all the playing we did. 

Tomorrow I'm gonna get the camera and take some pics of him, so I will send them to you.



                                                                               Kona (Chocolate Boy from our Emma X Chili Litter 09/07)

 An Email from Kona's Family:

I hope you guys are doing well. I see you're are busy once again. We are doing very well. We started some formal training today with Kona.

Everyone gushed about how handsome he is and kept asking what breeder I got him from. Hopefully, he gives you guys a good name.

We meant to do training awhile ago, but time just flew by. He's very smart in addition to his beauty. I hope all the compliments he gets from people doesn't go to head.

 He loves training so far(lots of treats). He's a sweet dog. Thank you. I sent you a picture of his first day at the beach a month or so ago, but it got rejected.

So, I'm sending it again. In the picture the pigmentation on his nose looks light, but really it isn't all. He loved the beach, even though he looks very

serious in the picture. I'll write again soon.





       Bella (Chocolate Girl from our Emma X Chili Litter)  

Hi Laura,
I hope you're doing well. Here are some photos of our new pup. Jose and I decided to change her name to Bella b/c Brandi is the name of a good friend of mine.

Anyway, she's very sweet and social and gorgeous. Thank you again for telling us about her!






          Tahoe soon after his arrival at home, chillin on the boat.               Tahoe after graduating his obedience class.

Hi Laura - Good to see new babies are on their way - congrats and best wishes.  We check you web page every so often.  We'll take two!    Tahoe is currently curled up

 behind me - on my desk chair - (all 85 lbs of him) cuddling as I type.  Spoiled rotten.  He lives for the weekends to jump off the boat and swim and roll on the beach. 

 He is the joy in our life and we look forward to every moment with him. He is so affectionate and our absolute pal.  You should see him with his "sister" the chi-terrier

mutt mix, Taffy.   They look identical just 80 lbs between them.  They run and wrestle all day long.

Good luck with new homes for the babies and for a safe and healthy delivery!


Your new babies are beautiful - we will check back regularly to drool along with you. Tahoe sends his new cousins lots of love! 

We will be on the look-out for families worthy of such beautiful babies.  All the best to you!

Tahoe and family!





                  KoKo (Chocolate Boy from our Emma X Chili Litter)

This is our Christmas picture this year including our newest addition “Koko”.  I need to get you a close up of him as well. 

He is growing like a weed and is a very “enthusiastic” eater.  He has been a wonderful addition to our family.



                      Tula at 16 days old.                                                            White Collar pup at 6 1/2 weeks old.


                      Green Collar girl going home.
















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